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The official fall migration count for the Florida Keys Hawkwatch is in, and another record was set for Peregrine Falcons in 2013! The count takes place in Curry Hammock State Park just north of Marathon, FL at mile marker 56.2 on U.S. 1. You really need to pay a visit between mid-September and mid-October to see some stunning birds! Raptors are not the only attractions; migrating warblers and flycatchers join endemic Keys species like White-crowned Pigeons. RV and tent campsites can be reserved, and there are hotels nearby in Marathon.

Volunteer by helping to clean up local waterways Saturday, July 26 from 8 AM to 12:30 PM. Details at the link.

FWC Seeking Gopher Tortoise Volunteers!

Gopher Tortoise Volunteer Opportunities - 07/21/2014

Dear Future Volunteers,

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is recruiting volunteers to participate in gopher tortoise conservation. Becoming an FWC volunteer is a great way for Florida residents to be citizen scientists and help protect Florida’s wildlife.

There are 3 new opportunities for you to get involved:

•Mortality Data Collection: Volunteers report all observed gopher tortoise mortalities to FWC

•Tortoise Taxi: Volunteers assist in the transportation of sick, injured, or rehabilitated tortoises

•Silt Fence Installation: Volunteers install temporary enclosures for relocated gopher tortoises (must be physically able to work outside)

Volunteers play a very important role in gopher tortoise conservation. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information regarding these volunteer opportunities, please contact us at Thank you for your interest in protecting gopher tortoises. We hope to hear from you soon.


FWC’s Gopher Tortoise Conservation Program

Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission DIRECTLY for this opportunity!

PLEASE! Do not release unwanted exotic pets into the wild in Florida! This has devastating consequences for native wildlife. Please review the information at the link and contact FWC.

PLEASE! Be a good “beach neighbor” this weekend. Lives depend on your behavior!

PLEASE! Be a good “beach neighbor” this weekend. Lives depend on your behavior!

The answer is—it depends.

Please protect nesting shorebirds and respect posted areas! Keep your dogs leashed, walk around roped-off areas, and report anyone disturbing nesting birds to FWC or your local wildlife law enforcement agency. Thank you!

The Florida Native Plant Society has reported a growing problem with cucumber mosaic virus on beautyberry plants. If you see any on beautyberry in your area, please follow the recommendations in the linked press release. Photos of typical damage are included in the press release.